ActiveX problem!

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ActiveX problem!

Post by NewsgroupServer » 17 Mar 2005, 15:33

 Posted by:  Pieter Clicteur 

Hello NG,

I have a problem with communicating with another program. This is the case:

I have few classes included via a .dll. Two of these classes are
ActiveX-classes, creating an object in my form (a multiline and a meter). I
have to link those objects to another class which is a report-class. The
problem is that the function I have to use to link those classes asks
another class as parameter.

POWERSCRIBESDKLib_LevelMeterCtl: DictaMeter
POWERSCRIBESDKLib_PlayerEditorCt: DictaEditor
POWERSCRIBESDKLib_ILevelMeterCtl: DictaMeter2
POWERSCRIBESDKLib_IPlayerEditorC: DictaEditor2
POWERSCRIBESDKLib_IReport: DictaReport

Call DictaReport.SetLevelMeter( DictaMeter2 )
Call DictaReport.SetPlayerEditor( DictaEditor2 )

The function SetLevelMeter doesn't accept the activeX-class as a parameter.
Strange thing is that the DictaMeter-class is derived from DictaMeter2. Is
there a way to link those two classes?

I got an example in VB of how it should work. In the VB-code there is only
one class for the meter and one for the editor. A strange interpretation of

I use CTD 1.5.1

Any help is welcome!

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