New natives functions with the old versions too

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New natives functions with the old versions too

Post by NewsgroupServer » 25 Oct 2007, 09:31

 Posted by:  Didier Tourneur 

Some enhancements before,it is news functions like
reallly void functions

and native functions
Function: SalDateAddMonth
Function: SalDateAdd
Function: SalDateMonthEnd
Function: SalDateToStrX
Function: SalDateMin
Function: SalDateMax
Function: SalDateMinNotNull
Function: SalDateMaxNotNull
Function: SalNumberModulo Calculates the mathematical modulo function ie
SalNumberModulo(-5, = 3, not -5
Function: SalNumberToInt
Function: SalNumberCeil
Function: SalNumberFloor
Function: SalNumberToHex
Function: SalHexToNumber
Function: SalInvalidateChildren
Function: SalStrFromString
Function: SalStrFromX
Function: SalStrUnTokenize
Function: SalStrSeperate
Function: SalStrBetweenChars
Function: SalStrCount
Function: SalStrLeftPadX
Function: SalStrRightPadX
Function: SalStrPadLeftX
Function: SalStrPadRightX


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