Conversion from Centura 2.1 to TD2005.1 Testing woes. Please help!

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Conversion from Centura 2.1 to TD2005.1 Testing woes. Please help!

Post by NewsgroupServer » 11 Sep 2006, 21:08

 Posted by:  Novys 

I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I know this may seem confusing,
but please read on.
I work in the QA department of a large company. We use an automated
testing tool named Certify ( To work with Centura,
Certify requires Mercury Winrunner and with a Centura Add on.
Our problem is this: We are scheduled to upgrade to TD2005.1 in March
2007. When we do, Certify/WinRunner will no longer work. Mercury has
stopped suporting winrunner as of last Febuary. This will basically negate
all the work we've done to automate our regression tests. What would help
me is to get in touch with ANYONE who's familiar with the CDK and or (here's
my biggest wish) someone at Gupta who worked with Mercury to create this
Centura interface. I know Worksoft would be very interested in discussing
this in detail with anyone interested.

If you read between the lines here and are looking for an automated test
tool for Centura, I can provide more detail, and depending on how the
upgrade goes, I'm hoping to have an option for TD2005.1.

I noticed threads about IBM's product "Rational". Does anyone use this for
automated testing? I may have to look at other products.

Please contact me at my work email address if you have
any information for me.

Thank you in advance,

Scott Yvon

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