a question to the sqlserver gurus (versions 2000 <-> 2008)

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a question to the sqlserver gurus (versions 2000 <-> 2008)

Post by NewsgroupServer » 01 Oct 2009, 17:37

 Posted by:  Mag. Johann Gregorich 


at a client side we have an sqlserver 2000 running, they want to go -> 2008.
The problem is, on the sqlserver 2000 a user = schema, but not so in
sqlserver 2008 (there are differences). In 2008 a schema isr more like a

Unfortunately they have an user sys on 2000 and they put all the tables they
use since years for reporting etc. in that schema sys.

Is there a way to transfer that tables (only that one they use for
reporting, not the system specific ones) from sqlserver 2000 schema sys to
sqlserver 2008 into schema sys?

Till now I didn't found a way how to do that. If this is possible they would
be very happy, because they would have to change thousands of references in
various reporting systems.

Any hint is very appreciated


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