QuickObject Email and Include Dll

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QuickObject Email and Include Dll

Post by NewsgroupServer » 04 Jun 2009, 17:43

 Posted by:  Pablo J. Foti 


I would know if, is possible sends mails in HTML's format with the
QuickObject "Email" from TD 4.1 or TD 5.1?
How can i use the Style Properties Dialog Box? I can't open that! and how
can i use the functions like: PropertyToInstanceVar (), GetMailUsers() and
all the functions that appear in the help like "cQOEmail class functions". I
can use all the functions Email*** but not the others.

Moreover, i need include the Library Blat.dll and use all their methods.
Somebody knows how can i include that and see the methods automatically?

Somebody has used Blat.dll in TD? or you have a help of this?



Pablo J. Foti

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