Invitation to the Team Developer 2005.1 Beta Program (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
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Invitation to the Team Developer 2005.1 Beta Program

Post by NewsgroupServer » 15 Jun 2005, 13:31

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 

Dear Gupta customer,

Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 is now ready for BETA testing

GUPTA included many new features requested by customers in the latest release of Team DeveloperTM. Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 delivers big improvements in XML support and Report Builder features.

Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 XML Support

Team Developer 2005.1 allows one to develop XML applications natively. An industry-standard, high speed built-in validating XML Parser is included to give an application the ability to read and write XML data. One can now parse, generate, manipulate and validate XML documents. The parser provides high performance, modularity, and scalability.

XML support is by way of an included library that exposes functionality through Functional Classes. This makes XML development using Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 very intuitive, as the same object-oriented techniques apply.

One can generate an XML document and schema from a SQL select statement, by making just one function call. This works against any database, mapping the column data types to the appropriate XML data types.

Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 supports XML Serialization & Deserialization. This is important when business applications need to save state information. This may be accomplished by choosing the UDV instance variables that need to be saved to XML format. One has the flexibility to even map SAL primitive data types to XML data types directly in the Outline.

Other Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 Enhancements

4 Ability to dynamically create Table Window columns of specific data type

4 The Find & Replace is available in the Outline context menu and as an IDE toolbar

4 Support for Wildcard searches

Linux ODBC Router

The new Router offers native ODBC connectivity to MySQL, FireBird, Postgres, Sybase and other ODBC compliant databases.

Report Builder Enhancements

4 Support for viewing and printing Long Data

4 Cut & Paste between multiple Report Builder windows within the same instance of the Report Builder IDE

4 Block Formatting support - the ability to collectively format objects that belong to that Block

4 Conditional Display of Lines on Page Headers and Footers

4 Ability to view column data types in the Define Query window

4 Ability to enter case-sensitive Table names in the Define Query dialog

4 Editable columns in Define Query dialog tabs for quick scrolling

4 Ability to view column data types in the Define Query dialog

4 Ability to sequence columns when designing a report through the Define Query dialog

4 Support for filtering report formulas and removing unused formulas

4 Ability to "Save Border Between Lines"

GUPTA is offering a preview of these new features and would like to enlist your help in the Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 BETA program to specifically test the new features and put them through their paces. This is your opportunity to preview the latest release of Team DeveloperTM and, more importantly, to give GUPTA your comments and ideas on the product and its future direction.

The beta program opens Wednesday June 15, 2005 and closes Friday July 15, 2005. Your testing feedback and findings are welcome and will be used to improve the quality of the final release.

We appreciate your participation.

Visit the Team DeveloperTM 2005.1 Beta Site Now!

Suren Behari

Product Manager - Team DeveloperTM

Gupta Technologies, LLC.

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