SOAP Envelope Building.

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SOAP Envelope Building.

Post by NewsgroupServer » 01 Aug 2007, 05:53

 Posted by:  Conrado ZAVALA 

Dear Forum,

This is the first time I create a Web Service and after fighting with the
implementation I got to the point where I produced a WSDL file. Now I'm
trying to write the SOAP envelope and I've not been able to build it. After
reading Gupta's White Paper: Team Developer and Web Services I was able to
create the following:

' || dfControl_No || '

When I run my Web Service Consume I get a HTTP Error 405 - Method not
allowed. Can anyone give me a hand so I can test my application (BTW: I
tested my routine as a COM Server and worked fine, I just have validate the
Web Service implementation).

Thank you all, regards,


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