Secure Hashing Algorithm SHA-2 (2005-2010)

Secure Hashing Algorithm SHA-2

Post by Daniel » 01 Apr 2009, 21:02

 Posted by:  Daniel 

Has anyone implemented the hashing algorithm SHA-2 in CTD 1.5.1?

Where I can get an free DLL, COM or API that implements the secure hashing
algorithm SHA-2?

Best regards

Jeff Luther
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Secure Hashing Algorithm SHA-2

Post by Jeff Luther » 01 Apr 2009, 23:09

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

You're in luck! Click here:
and find the "Crypto Samples" section. There's a sample in TD using the
CryptoSys dll. They have a very modest license fee as I recall.

- Jeff/Unify Corp.

J. Daniel Galvan Z.

Secure Hashing Algorithm SHA-2

Post by J. Daniel Galvan Z. » 06 Apr 2009, 17:09

 Posted by:  J. Daniel Galvan Z. 


thank you very much

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