Integrating Chatbot framework with TD / TDMobile web Services

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Integrating Chatbot framework with TD / TDMobile web Services

Post by a_sivababu » 28 Aug 2019, 04:06

As you may aware, The Slack chat is very powerful tool for chat and collaboration work. The slack is integrated with most of the ERP and other applications.

So I have tried to do Proof of Concept by sending request via slack for the following tasks and it works amazingly...

1. User sends the request the invoice report to deliver it on the slack.
2. Bot assistant acknowledges the request and sends this request to his manager to approve or Deny the request.
3. The manager either approves or denies the request button within the slack. If denied then it communicate back to user and ends there.
4. If approved then the system communicates to TD or TDMobile web services to create PDF report and sends back to user and Bot thanks the Manager. (this is small sample but you can get whatever you want)

This can be done with bit of NodeJS and Slack API. To read more about slack -

The same code will be reused and amended to integrate with Amazan Alexa to communicate over voice instead of chatting. read more on ... skills-kit

- Siva A

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