Integration of Brava Desktop Viewer into Team Developer applications

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Integration of Brava Desktop Viewer into Team Developer applications

Post by Uwe van der Horst » 10 May 2017, 15:49

We have successfully integrated the document viewer Brava Desktop (BDT) via ActiveX into our Team Developer application. Until now we used Oracle Outside In. For us BDT is much better. The ability of displaying "poor-quality" scanned documents is amazing. With Oracle we had performance problems when displaying Word documents (doc, docx) containing watermarks and other transparent items. No problem with BDT. And there are some very nice additional features, e.g. the ability to compare two versions of a document side by side or in an overlay view (e.g. contracts). User can embed comments, change marks, work instructions and so on. This information is stored invisible for our customers in separate files. It is possible to "publish" the changes that you did in BDT to a new PDF.

Shipping the application to customers is quite easy. You don't need to run an installer on each client, you just have to copy some folders via xcopy to the application server and then on the clients you have to register some components.

Negative: OpenText doesn't support other languages than English. We had to translate all the item labels and tooltips to German ourselves "patching" a dll.

The main problem was that we had no instructions for TD-integration. It was hard to find out "trial-and-error" what has to be done to install without the BDT-installer. Getting support from OpenText/IGC was not easy because it was difficult to make clear that we have support contract for Team Developer and not for IGC/OpenText.

If you know what has to be done the integration into TD is very easy. If someone here needs some hints he can contact me via PM.
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