Gupta users and Gupta NXJ developer users

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Gupta users and Gupta NXJ developer users

Post by RKnapp » 11 May 2017, 13:08

I'm a long time developer using the Gupta NXJ development product for web-based applications ( a great development tool for such). For Gupta users not familiar with it, there is documentation and webinars available. The NXJ product has been "frozen" by Open Text (no longer being improved) but is available. So keep this in mind.

I have some applications that I'm considering to release as open source (one is a system for management of the test environment). I'll provide an overview document for anyone with a serious interest.

I don't know if an evaluation copy of NXJ is still available from Open Text, although it can be purchased. If so, this can be problematic in terms of evaluating applications. If there is strong interest in this, perhaps Open Text will provide an evaluation download.

If you an interest, kindly contact me at

Roger Knapp

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