PB/.NET Dev evaluating SQL Windows / Team Developer

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PB/.NET Dev evaluating SQL Windows / Team Developer

Post by CKaz » 29 Sep 2017, 17:22


I am catching up with what is offered here, as I admit I had never used or even heard of this before a few days ago.
PowerBuilder itself suffered a similar fate in the US and I am an individual who not only knows it well, but did a lot of work with the product.

While I am evaluating the latest [Appeon] Powerbuilder offerings I am intrigued that there is a Team Developer as recent as 7.0 released last year.
I've been sent the trial stuff but oddly enough it has been difficult to find out a price (that's a first! lol), which I'll want before going to far into the trial.

So I'm just starting to search and poke around, sorry if I've already managed to break a forum rule, but I was wondering if there are other 'PBers' out there who might comment on how the products compare today. My company has .Net but have a lot of need of RAD so if the price is right...


Dave Rabelink
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Re: PB/.NET Dev evaluating SQL Windows / Team Developer

Post by Dave Rabelink » 29 Sep 2017, 18:02

Welcome Craig,

No forum rules are broken. As not coming here is ;)
And hurray ! You are the 200th member!

Well, about prices, I'm not in the position to comment on.
This forum is not the official OpenText Gupta resource, but mainly powered and used by the Team Developer community.

The best place to start is on the official OpenText Gupta page here:

http://www.opentext.com/what-we-do/prod ... -developer

There you will find the contact page to ask for the info you need or find the resellers in the area.

If someone else here can comment on your question, please do.
Dave Rabelink

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