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Nicolas D
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Drag & drop pushbuttons

Post by Nicolas D » 12 Jul 2018, 14:42

Does anyone have a solution to get pushbuttons drag and dropable in TD ?
It seems that Drag & drop work only with top-level window, child table window, data field, multiline field, list box, combo box, rich text control, and picture.
I try to do something like Win 10 Tiles.

Jeff Luther
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Re: Drag & drop pushbuttons

Post by Jeff Luther » 13 Jul 2018, 15:03

You might consider something like Windows' TrackMouseEvent() functionality, described here:
https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/librar ... s.85).aspx

The function + the WM_* messages for this are available with the SALExtention APL library for TD, available on Dave Rabelink's samples area here:
https://samples.tdcommunity.net/index.ph ... Extension/

Do a search in TD for TrackMouseEvent in the SALExtention APL for the list of msgs. and what they do. The APL already has the parameter structpointer defined in USER32.DLL for TrackMouseEvent().

I'm not familiar with Win. v10's pushbutton 'drop' UI (I run Win. v8.1) but maybe the mouse event feature (function and WM_* messages) can give you what you need. I'd write a small test case to write and test how to code what you want. And if you have an issue or problem, zip the files and attach to a reply here. Maybe someone like myself or another can help.

'Drop' doesn't seem like something you can do to a pushbutton -- it is not a 'container' object -- but I could be wrong in the Win. v10 environment. But at least 'Drag' can be coded I would think with the mouse track events' messages.
Jeff Luther @ PC Design
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