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CompuServe: Centura/Gupta forums

Post by Dave Rabelink » 14 Sep 2018, 05:20

The first online community was on CompuServe, having a Centura/Gupta forum.
It seems CompuServe has closed (and deleted) those forums.

Code: Select all

FORUM                                           GATE-
DESCRIPTION                        NAME         WAY: PAGE            STATUS
Centura Forum                      GUPTAFOR     CIS: GUPTAFOR        ASCII/HMI
Who used those forums in the past there anyone out there having some kind of "copy" of the data posted there?

I would like to retain the info gathered there, just like the newsgroups info which is imported into this forum.

If there is still some info available, please respond and hopefully we can get these "historical" fossils back online.
Dave Rabelink

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