Devcons - Presentations and Samples

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Devcons - Presentations and Samples

Post by Dave Rabelink » 03 Mar 2017, 20:39

The presentations and samples presented at the several devcons can be found here: ... c/DevCons/
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Devcons - Presentations and Samples

Post by Graeme_Bankside » 13 Mar 2017, 11:40

I hear that OpenText in the UK, are planning a Gupta Developers Day on the 19th of May 2017 in London. The venue has not yet been announced. It's going to be free, but limited to 16 people. Contact Matt Keighley from OpenText to see if there are any spaces left.

Steve Leighton
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Devcons - Presentations and Samples

Post by Steve Leighton » 15 Mar 2017, 20:35

Thanks Graeme for the update. I have announced on the LinkedIn forum also.
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