Included libraries in different folders.

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Included libraries in different folders.

Post by Ren » 11 Jul 2008, 10:47


We have a lot of cross-linked libraries (or nested, in some cases) and at the moment this works only when all the files are in one folder. I've been experimenting with simply propending lib\ to the included library names (and, of course, moving the libraries to lib\), but this breaks when the libraries in question include other libraries: they try to include those from the application directory, not the library directory. Is there a way around this that doesn't involve for instance including all libraries like ..\lib\<library>.apl (therefore forcing all applications to be in the same depth -- 1 from root) and doesn't break when the libraries are opened individually (which they will if they all have lib\ in their include libraries) ?


Re: Included libraries in different folders.

Post by Ren » 11 Jul 2008, 11:27

Hmm, thanks. What env variables would these be and is there a way to automate the process somehow?

//Edit1: "automatize", sheesh.

//Edit2: Also, any way to differentiate between different branched versions? Can the global search paths be relative?


Re: Included libraries in different folders.

Post by Ren » 11 Jul 2008, 11:51

...seriously? That sucks for branched versions. Global path to c:\soft1.2\lib;c:\soft1.3\lib and suddenly 1.3 is reading from 1.2 files. That's simply not an option. All read files should check for their paths and handle all relative paths mentioned there as relative to THAT dir. Sheesh.


Re: Included libraries in different folders.

Post by Ren » 14 Jul 2008, 16:59

Has anyone done any testing involving linked folders? 'Wonder if there's a way to make a shortcut pointing at relative paths...


Re: Included libraries in different folders.

Post by Ren » 15 Jul 2008, 05:53

I've been making a few tests, mainly with the code in c:\source\common, libraries in c:\source\lib and images in c:\source\img with some success. It compiles and works OK, but the folder handling is a mess (not to mention I'm not sure I'd want this in a live production environment -- just too many things to go wrong). What VM do you use?

Dave Rabelink
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Re: Included libraries in different folders.

Post by Dave Rabelink » 15 Jul 2008, 11:22

Another solution is to use a start batch file for each source branch.

Create a .bat file where the first action is the setting of the correct PATH.
After that, TD is started from the .bat file which adapts the PATH settings for that session.

Here a sample .bat file to start TD with source branch V1 environment :

Code: Select all

ECHO Starting TD environment branch V1...

PATH = %PATH%;c:\source\commonV1;c:\source\libsV1;c:\source\resourcesV1

The sample uses path settings to V1 source branch.

When TD is closed, the session is ended and the set PATH is cleared.

Equally create other .bat files, one for each source branch version. You may even start multiple .bat files at the same time (every TD session has it's own PATH settings not interfering with the other TD instances).

So in this solution, do not set global or user PATHs but use the created .bat files instead.
Dave Rabelink

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