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Pradeep Kumar

Build Automation

Post by Pradeep Kumar » 13 Mar 2013, 11:19

Need information related to Build Automation for Team Developer4.2. Please let me know what are possible approaches to implement automated Build Process. Also please let me know if there are any tools that helps in implementing the same.

Dave Rabelink
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Re: Build Automation

Post by Dave Rabelink » 13 Mar 2013, 14:49

Automated builds are only possible by starting TD with these command line options:



You can create batch files to compile/build multiple executables or dynalibs like this example:

Code: Select all

cbi61.exe -b main.apt  main.exe
cbi61.exe -b producteditor.apt  producteditor.exe
cbi61.exe -m customer.apt  customer.apd
cbi61.exe -m product.apt  product.apd
Here TD 61 (=cbi61.exe) is used to build. Replace this by the needed TD version.
(For TD42 you will have cbi42.exe)

To be more in control, you can also create your own automatic builder application.
From this application you can execute a build using SalLoadAppAndWait.

Before build you can remove any .err file present in the folder and after building check if a .err file was created which indicates an error occurred during build.

Another advantage creating your own builder application: using CDK you can automatically change build version settings before the actual build is done.
Dave Rabelink

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