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Team Developer Certification Website

Post by JLichter » 05 Aug 2008, 09:27

Is the Team Developer Certification still available? It is mentioned on your website under services.
I've registered myself on the Developer Certification Application website but nothing happened.

So I've written an email to After two month without an answer, I've written again an email. But still got no answer. The only thing I got was an automatic read receipt.

Is this certification still availaible and ist the Unify Support "alive"?


Re: Team Developer Certification Website

Post by caa » 05 Aug 2008, 15:57

Yes, the certification is available and Unify Support is "alive". However, your email to doesn't go to Unify Support... rather to Sales, who is responsible for signing people up for this program. Please send me your contact details and I'll make sure someone gets back to you.

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