Not able to call COM exe function in upgraded version

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Not able to call COM exe function in upgraded version

Post by Viswanadha » 13 Dec 2019, 13:18

Hi All,

I have an application which uses com exe to connect to a third party services. CTD is working fine with old version 1.0 of com exe. I received a upgraded version 2.0 of the same com exe and not able to connect to retrieve the data.

Below are the steps followed to create new APL file .

1. Registered the COM exe by using command line argument c:\abc.exe /regserver
2. Open an new Sqlwindows 6.3 application
3. Tools --> ActiveX Explorer --> Click Browse --> Select Com exe --> Click Ok
4. If exe is not registered we will receive a pop-up message will appear – This type library type is not registered. Register it? --> Click yes
5. Select all the Classes in ActiveX explore window.
6. Click on the Menu ActiveXExplorer --> Click Generate (Full mode)
7. APL will be created in the folder C:\Users\team01\appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Gupta\Team Developer 6.3\AXLibs.
8. Copy the APL file to the respective application working directory.

Note: I am using Windows 10 OS.

1. After creating APL file, I have created another APL file for COM management using COM Proxy Class
2. I have created a object and it created successfully
3. I called a interface function. I am getting no value. When I debugged the function I am getting false (value 0) for the tmpret while INVOKE_FUNCTION.
Call __ObjectPushString(Appl)
Call __ObjectPushString(ID)
Set tmpret = __ObjectInvoke("EmpName", INVOKE_FUNCTION)

but this is not the case with old version, I am getting tmpret value as 1 (TRUE).

It would be great if anybody help me to understand the process which I am following is correct? I have followed the same process for old com exe.
Is there a different way to build a COM exe to utilise in Gupta 6.3?

Thanks in Advance and any help to resolve the issue is highly appreciated.


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