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Post by fausto.lupercio » 24 Jan 2020, 20:28

Good afternoon dear friends.

I think it is the time that Opentext owner of GUPTA reveals its pricing policy, Visual Studio Professional is for $ 500 and $ 250 promotion ... and more now that there are many free development tools ... I still believe that the concept of the products of GUPTA is wonderful ... but new generations do not know these products ... those of us who are still with GUPTA are over 50 years of age ... and after us I don't know who they are ... I think GUPTA cannot go disappearing ...


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Post by a_sivababu » 26 Jan 2020, 06:30

Agreed Fausto.

This is one way to increase presence in the market. I think Team Developer and Team Developer .NET does not require any more support for new controls. My suggestion is to make TDMobile as enterprise class applications and then provide support to covert Team Developer coding to TDMobile coding through Conversion tool. If the tool supports to convert 80% of the coding then i think it should be OK. I think the cost of the TDMobile can be retained or increased from this level if it supports above said requirement.

Siva A

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Post by visionpro » 27 Jan 2020, 02:48

I agree.
I think its time for you and for the others on this forum who have very long experience on Gupta products to talk to Open Text about converting existing Team developer desktop applications to .NET / TD mobile with minimum development.
At the moment its very painful to re-write all codes on TD mobile /.NET

Kind Regards


Giorgio Bravi
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Post by Giorgio Bravi » 27 Jan 2020, 09:24

Hello to all
I also believe a new policy should be made to bring as many people as possible to Team Developer.
Today the biggest problem for us is finding people with experience in TD or at least motivating their learning.
Here in Italy it is mostly an unknown product despite its enormous potential.
We have achieved productivity unthinkable for other environments (ok we have completely written the class framework).
A "transparent" migration to .NET would be the minimum.
I remember in the past the Tomahawk project for Java compatibility soon abandoned ... I would not want the same thing to happen for .NET.


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Post by aspurga » 29 Jan 2020, 13:20

During the long history of the Gupta Company, there have been only a few at a time when company executives were open about the future of their products. In all other cases, especially now that Gupta has been acquired by OpenText, there is total disrespect for its loyal developers who keep them financially. Developers know better what they need, but now there is no way to say it. A blind policy leading to a further decrease in Gupta product use. Looks like they don't even want to talk about that with the developers. Only an open discussion with our loyal consumers about the future of the products, perhaps opening some of the products in open source, can strengthen Gupta's product market position. Otherwise, the agony of the Gupta will continue.


Uwe van der Horst
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Post by Uwe van der Horst » 29 Jan 2020, 20:49

Arunas, there are certainly some things that "Gupta" can be accused of. But from my point of view, you couldn't say that the company's executives ignore customer requests. We have a support contract that we can use to discuss well with Gupta about our requirements. And the annual Devdays here in Germany and other places are a good opportunity to discuss e.g. with the product manager Martin Teetz and others. There ARE ways that you can use for discussions.
Best regards,
Uwe van der Horst
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Post by Steve Leighton » 29 Jan 2020, 22:51

Every year. For the last 30. The same old doomsday merchants.

Mr Arunas - If it truly is such 'agony' - you're doing it wrong.

Martin Teetz and Helmut Reimann do a fab job keeping us informed with communications, and on Youtube.
And Mark Woodford is very amenable and very approachable to talk about most things Gupta related. From anywhere in the world.
You just need to make a small effort and talk ( not gripe ) to them.

In fact Helmut has recently published 'OpenText Gupta State of the Union' ( attached). So I really don't know what you are talking about.

I'll bet 100 to 1 that none of the pessimists have:
- Contributated anything to our SQLWindows - SQLBase - TD.Net Users & Developers Network channel:
- Contributed anything to our TDCommunity wiki
- Contributed anything to our Community Samples vault:
- Contributed any $$ to the actual running of this forum, or the excellent plugins constantly being developed such as M!Tbl and TDAppTools.

Certainly words like 'agony' will do little to encourage positivity with the toolset - the very thing you seem to be complaining about.
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Greetings from New Zealand

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Post by jkienast » 30 Jan 2020, 06:47


I probably shouldn't say anything about it, but I do it anyway, maybe it's all just nonsense.

What do you expect ? That the audience will join in the choir and call hurray? Does that bring you anything?
I understand that the whole thing has to be financed somehow, but you should be glad that there are still people who have to deal with Gupta, criticize it and who place the Armageddon horse in front of the door.
At the moment I have no time to work on the wiki or to bring in samples (TDSamples, what an unsorted grave), especially since no one can have the feeling that this is desired.
Listen, our software is simply buried to grave in the short term if we cannot switch to TD7.NET. If the Gupta conversion-results from .NET to Win32 are poor, slow and inflexible, we have a problem, whereby I can exclude high expenses for external service providers .
Unfortunately it is not possible to provide comprehensible examples for the bigger problems, so I cannot report about them to Opentext.
It would be necessary for Opentext to look directly on our sources to be aware and to change something but how is that supposed to work? But honestly I can’t imagine any great, ingenious solutions.
So I only have to post here about the bigger problems, always hoping that something will change and I can free myself from my personal Guptanamo without changing my job (would be advisable).
Problems like unusable debugger in the TD7.NET-IDE, unusable CompileAndEvaluate and missing modularity of the resulting applications are existential for us. Additional to that unfortunately the IDE behaves much worse under .NET than under Win32 and we will not make a step backwards to switch to a more modern technology.

M! Tbl and TDAppTools may be great under Win32 and my colleagues are enthusiastic about it, but a .NET alternative is far away, or I'm wrong.

Jörg Kienast

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Post by H3PO4 » 31 Jan 2020, 08:40


I think its not all as black as Jörg painted.

First of all, I don't think of TDSamples as an unsorted grave. Yes, some of the samples are outdated but many of the samples are a light especially for 'rookies'.
And yes, for most of the companies I am working the movement is away from TD Developer.

For me, Team Developer is a great development system. Most of the needs can be done out of the box with a lack of prettyness ;-). So, why does it seem to be a dead end way?

At all I think, if OpenText wants to 'make it great again', there must be some more advertising (its not so easy to google to the OpenText TDDevelopers home) and modernizing.
And yes - a better communication with longterm developers would not be bad.

This forum - thank you so much Dave - should be a required reading for OpenText and - why not - a communication platform with us.

After working with Team Developer since 1992 I still am enthusiastic!


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