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Re: Gupta products

Post by lucianooreira766 » 03 Feb 2022, 08:15

I've never tried these products before. I think I need to check it out.

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Re: Gupta products

Post by wdmeehan » 22 Apr 2022, 22:14

Hi, I have a client that uses Gupta 5.2 with Oracle 11g and Visual Manufacturing.
Unfortunately, the server that hosted their software for deployment to users has died and they don't have a copy of the Gupta 5.2 for installation.
Where can I get my hands on the product?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Gupta products

Post by Steve Leighton » 04 May 2022, 00:13

Like all users who like to be legal, you really need to buy access to 'OpenText Customer Support' by registering for an Account for 'Daegis' products ( e.g. Gupta TeamDeveloper , Gupta SQLBase etc ) :

It's not the friendliest experience, so if that's all too difficult, you can contact Mark Woodford who will get you setup one way or another.

then you can log into Opentext 'My Support' ... %20Support and download as many version / patches / upgrades as you like* plus get tech. help.
* Subject to what you've paid for.
Greetings from New Zealand
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