How to disable Copying Text from Rich Text Control

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How to disable Copying Text from Rich Text Control

Post by Viswanadha » 19 Feb 2020, 15:22

Hi All,

I am displaying information in a Rich Text Control (RCT) and it is the sensitive information. I don't want to allow the user to copy the information by selecting and copying using Ctrl+C. I am able to disable the pop menu when right click on mouse. There is a restriction in RCT, if I disable the window using SalDisableWindow function to select or copy, then we cannot use scroll bars.

I have written below code to show the mouse cursor as Arrow but still I am getting select cursor.
! use standard cursor arrow when moving over this item
Call SalCursorSet ( hWndItem, CURSOR_Arrow, CURSOR_Window )
Return TRUE

Thanks & Regards

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