OLE Automation Runtime Error when using Outlook Interop

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OLE Automation Runtime Error when using Outlook Interop

Post by gaiflo » 24 Aug 2020, 15:38

We've got these Outlook classes which look like Outlook__MailItem or Outlook__Application.
Inside the Outlook_MailItem we've got lots of PropGet and PropSet methods which all do kind of like these Calls:

Code: Select all

!!CB!! 279
Function: PropGetReceivedTime
                               Receive Date/Time: returnValue
                Static Variables
                Local variables
                               Boolean: tmpret
                               Set tmpret = __ObjectInvoke("ReceivedTime", INVOKE_GET)
                               Call __ObjectPopDate(-1, returnValue)
                               Call __ObjectFlushArgs()
                               Return tmpret
I'm getting the error: "Error code at invocation of ReceivedTime: 800200006" . Sometimes i get the error with To instead of ReceivedTime.
How can i avoid theser errors as it crashes our whole application...

Dave Rabelink
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Re: OLE Automation Runtime Error when using Outlook Interop

Post by Dave Rabelink » 26 Aug 2020, 08:00

I'm not sure. But it seems this error code is indicating the method or property does not exist on the object.
It also may be related to date/time datatype.
Could be that the data is not present.

Whatever the reason, to avoid that the application shows this error message and the application ends, you can disable this automatic error reporting and behavior.

I recommend to call this in the application startup or just before using any COM components:

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Call SalActiveXAutoErrorMode( FALSE )
When auto error mode is off, any call to a COM object will return FALSE and continue the application when COM errors occur.


Code: Select all

If PropGetReceivedTime( dtMyTime )
   ! Data present and do your stuff
   ! COM error, do your error handling and manage this properly without ending the application completely
Dave Rabelink

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