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Gupta Academy v OpenText University

Post by Steve Leighton » 01 Jul 2021, 02:47

Has anyone got access to the Gupta Academy still ?
I did find the 'OpenText University' here: ,
but this only goes to Team Developer v6.3 (!) ,
but it is accessible and says valid until 31/08/2025 .
Not a good look, when this version is way past end-of-life.
I think the courses need updating so technicians can be certified and help promote this product .

I logged a call with OpenText, but just got directed to this old MySupport topic, and the links mentioned in it go no-where. ... -materials
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Re: Gupta Academy v OpenText University

Post by a_sivababu » 01 Jul 2021, 06:37

I have access to TD and TDMobile courses but both they are for older version. it was migrated from Gupta Academy to this site but there is no update after that.

Igor Ivanovic
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Re: Gupta Academy v OpenText University

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 02 Jul 2021, 16:20

Last time I asked OT about it I've got this answer from Ana :
Hi All,
It's my understanding that the team responsible for the Academy is working to upgrade it to an OpenText site, where the new information will be hosted from then on.
I don't have details on timeframe etc., but I was informed that new courses for TD7 & TDM2.1 will be available on the new site.
Kind Regards,
OpenText Customer Support
and then a second one:
Hello again,
The latest information is that customers currently registered on the Academy will be moved over to a new system by the end of the year (estimate only, dates may change!).
An email notification will be sent to registered customers about the transfer to the new platform. Once that happens, new courses will be created in the new system.
Kind Regards,
The date was 05.12.2017, almost four years ago.
Don't think it will ever be alive again.
Igor Ivanovic

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