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Smart App Control

Post by » 08 Nov 2022, 14:41


Microsoft has announced the new feature "Smart App Control", which will check all applications if Microsoft trusts them: ... 98afdb7003.
An important property will be a valid signature of the application. Until now TD provides a certificate file only for .NET applications, not for Win64 applications.

Is there any chance to get a valid signature for a Win64 application? I'm afraid, one day a client will call me, that our programs do not run any longer. And it could be difficult to convince an it administrator to disable security features of microsoft.

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Dave Rabelink
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Re: Smart App Control

Post by Dave Rabelink » 19 Jan 2023, 11:05

You have to sign the files yourself using a valid certificate.
Gupta can only supply a signed runtime, but your own builds have to be signed by the developer.
Dave Rabelink

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