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Uwe van der Horst
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Official OpenText Gupta forum

Post by Uwe van der Horst » 17 Nov 2022, 20:38

The link here no longer works and I don't find the Gupta forum using the Opentext "Search".

Screen Shot 11-17-22 at 09.32 PM.PNG

Was the forum deleted?
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Dave Rabelink
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Re: Official OpenText Gupta forum

Post by Dave Rabelink » 17 Nov 2022, 20:53

It is still there, but hidden deep in the caverns of OpenText.

On the support page, go to:

My products & services/My products

Then locate the link for "Gupta Team Developer->product details"

Then locate the link "Communities & Forums".

And then the magic begins:

Use the combobox "Related forum" and type "Gupta".
Select "Gupta Team Developer"

And voila. After multiple unneeded clicks, search criteria to be filled in you get a mess of posts which are now not in chronological order as they probably have messed that up also.

As for the link here in the forum to the OpenText forum:

The OpenText forum can not be deep linked. YOu have to use the combobox and type "Gupta" before you can enter the forum.
So a direct link is not possible.

The link used in this forum is:

Which is useless indeed.
Dave Rabelink

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