NIS2 Compliance and SBOMs

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NIS2 Compliance and SBOMs

Post by spaquette » 07 Mar 2024, 16:33

As part of working towards becoming compliant with the European Union's NIS2 directive, I have been tasked with generating SBOMs for all our TD applications. I have checked with OpenText support to see if they had any tools available to aid in generating an SBOM, or if they were aware of any tool that would work with TD. In both cases, the answer was no. Has anyone else starting working towards NIS2 compliance, and if so, have you found any tools or methods to aid in SBOM generation for TD applications?

Scott Paquette

Dave Rabelink
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Re: NIS2 Compliance and SBOMs

Post by Dave Rabelink » 13 Mar 2024, 11:18

Dave Rabelink

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