Using Node.js and SqlBase

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Using Node.js and SqlBase

Post by ajthomas12 » 16 Jul 2018, 23:13

Hello All,

I am trying to develop a REST service using TD 7.1 and Node.js.

Is this possible?

I am having trouble finding an example of where the GET request returns data from a SQLBase database.


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Re: Using Node.js and SqlBase

Post by a_sivababu » 17 Jul 2018, 03:56

As per my understanding,

TD will be able to consume REST API through SalJSONxxx() but there is no option to develop & provide REST API to other 3rd party applications.

However, TD has option to enable JSON to return JSON data from TD Web Service. By this way, any javascript coding can consume JSON data if the content-type of the http header declared as application/json. We can use traditional way of consuming this WSDL service using $.ajax() method from Jquery but i think there is a NPM package for nodejs to consume this json data.

Siva A

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