Using 'Linked Servers' for SQLServer <--> SQLBase

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Using 'Linked Servers' for SQLServer <--> SQLBase

Post by Steve Leighton » 13 Mar 2017, 22:09

Using the Gupta OLE provider SQLBASEOLEDB is a good way to extract and /or update data from SQLBase into SqlServer or vice versa .
You can specify a SQL.ini file to use for some of the settings - and easily access data from either sources across remote servers.
Tips and Tricks:
[*]Once you have created a Linked Server in SqlServer , be sure to 'Allow Inprocesses' ( Right click properties of SQLBASEOLEDB under 'Providers' in SSMS)
[*]The SELECT and the UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE from within SqlServer actually have different syntax:

Code: Select all

SELECT * FROM OPENQUERY( LINKServerName, 'Select * from TableOwner.TableName where ColumnName = Something') 

--Update ( Change the PK to the appropriate value ):
UPDATE [LINKServerName]..[TableOwner].[TableName ]
   SET [ColumnName] = [Something]
WHERE ColumnName = Something

--Insert :
INSERT INTO [LINKServerName]..[TableOwner].[TableName ]
		   ,[ColumnName])     VALUES (Something,Something,'Something',Something,Something,Something,Something)

--Delete :
DELETE FROM [LINKServerName]..[TableOwner].[TableName ]
      WHERE [ColumnName ] = Something

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