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SqlBase Characterset

Post by MSpecht » 30 May 2011, 09:55

is it possible to define a characterset for the normal Columns(NOT National- e.g. VARCHAR...) like in Oracle:

With this setting we don't must use the NVARCHAR2 Column and we can use the Oracle VARCHAR2 Column with UNICODE, because the hole database is UNICODE and the VARCHAR2 columns are stored als Character and not by Byte.
This setting helps us alot because we don't must change every SqlStatement in our code.

So is this possible with the SqlBase 11.6 too?

Mike Vandine

Re: SqlBase Characterset

Post by Mike Vandine » 01 Jun 2011, 04:01

Would you want this for a specific column or are you looking for the whole database?

Have a look at the NLS support that we do using the country.sql file in the DBA Guide. Also look at the 'characterset' statement for the sql.ini file in the same manual.

Hope this helps!


Re: SqlBase Characterset

Post by MSpecht » 10 Jun 2011, 11:38


if you mean this: https://support.guptatechnologies.com/Do ... s.html#277,
this don't help alot...
We would need something to set the hole Database as UNICODE without change our source to NVarchar...

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