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Export to CSV from sqlbase 7

Post by peter47 » 01 Dec 2015, 07:49

Hi all,

I have to export some tables from an old sqlbase 7 installation. I tried some commands via sqltalk (like set spool and unload ascii).
Unload ascii says that the data is too big. When I export with set spool the data has no consitent length, so it is not really possible to work with the data in excel. Is it possible to set a column delimiter for the sqltalk output?

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Re: Export to CSV from sqlbase 7

Post by FRBhote » 02 Dec 2015, 06:21

What exactly is the error?

Maybe you can create views of smaller chunks of data and unload them one by one.

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Re: Export to CSV from sqlbase 7

Post by gigit » 30 Jan 2017, 17:18

select col1,';',col2,';' col3,';',col4

then save sqltalk otuput to a csv file and open it with excel.

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