Automated reorganize with active LOGBACKUP mode

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Automated reorganize with active LOGBACKUP mode

Post by thomas » 07 Sep 2021, 10:39


I'm looking for an advice to perform an automated reorganize at a database with active LOGBACKUP mode.

I use a 24h cycle for backing up the database and the logs.
For example: perform a BACKUP DATABASE at 1 am. Following every 15 minutes a BACKUP LOGS until next day 1 a.m..

Now I have an automated reorganize which runs every sunday at 21 p.m.. The reorganize uses a manual unload/load, not the REORGANIZE command.
After the load I have to activate the LOGBACKUP mode in the new database. Then, I assume, I have to start the backup cycle again, because the "old" backup is useless after reorg. Am I right?

Is somebody using such backup mode and automated reorganize? Has somebody tips/hints?

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