Left Outer join to (+)

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Left Outer join to (+)

Post by FRBhote » 30 Dec 2021, 06:43

I'm using SB 8.5 and the LEFT OUTER JOIN is not at all efficient.

The predicate:

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 Z LEFT OUTER JOIN Z6 ON PTY = PARTY AND  @DECODE( CITY, 'B', 'Z', 'fm', 'fn', CITY )  =   @DECODE( MCITY, 'B', 'Z', 'fm', 'fn', MCITY ) 
works fine, but inefficient.

However with a (+) I get this error:

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	 PTY = PARTY(+) AND  @DECODE( CITY, 'B', 'Z', 'fm', 'fn', CITY )  =   @DECODE( MCITY, 'B', 'Z', 'fm', 'fn', MCITY ) (+)  AND
Error: 00901 PRS CNE Command not properly ended
Any suggestions will be welcome.

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Re: Left Outer join to (+)

Post by Steve Leighton » 02 Jan 2022, 02:18

as with Oracle, I believe the outer join can be specified only on column names. In this case MCITY inside the Decode, not on the whole Decode expression.

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@DECODE( CITY, 'B', 'Z', 'fm', 'fn', CITY )  =   @DECODE( MCITY(+) , 'B', 'Z', 'fm', 'fn', MCITY(+)   )
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