09024 CGI SEA Session ended abnormally

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09024 CGI SEA Session ended abnormally

Post by hphp » 28 Sep 2022, 12:32

i am using 12.2.0 and i try to connect via sqltalkplus and on connect click i get that
09024 CGI SEA Session ended abnormally error

dberror.exe with 09024:
Reason: Either the remote computer is powered off,
the cable link is broken, the session SEND or CHAIN SEND has timed out,
or the SEND or CHAIN SEND was cancelled, or a HANG UP timed out waiting for a SEND to complete.

i already restarted everything and tried again to connect but still no success.
Can someone help me please?

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Steve Leighton
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Re: 09024 CGI SEA Session ended abnormally

Post by Steve Leighton » 04 Oct 2022, 22:05

Some more information would help. Assume you are talking SQLBase as you have posted in TD7 forum . i.e. Are you connecting with native router, ODBC or OLEdB.
Either way, can you post your sql.ini or SqlUdl connection string to give some clues.
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Igor Ivanovic
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Re: 09024 CGI SEA Session ended abnormally

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 06 Oct 2022, 08:16

Did you try with the SQLTalk?
I would first try that to verify things are working.
And please update you installation with the latest patch 12.2.3, there were some issues with SQLTalkPlus, don't remember what they were.
Igor Ivanovic

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