SQL Server Stored Procs - Scroll-able Result Sets ( Not )

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SQL Server Stored Procs - Scroll-able Result Sets ( Not )

Post by Steve Leighton » 04 Jul 2019, 00:45

If you thinking of migrating from SQLBase to SQLServer, be warned - SQL Server does not support scrollable result sets from stored procedures !

One of the GREAT features of SQLBase Stored Procedures is the ability to traverse Result-sets back and forth . Go here to see how : https://www.banksidesystems.com/gupta-s ... super-hero

BUT SQLServer Stored Procs cannot do this. Whats more , if you are using OLE DB, SQL Server does not even support OUTPUT parameters in a Stored Procedure !

The only way around ( that I know of ) is to make your lovely thinish client into a fat-fat-fat client by moving all the SQL from your Stored Procs onto the client. Then you can FetchNext() and FetchPrev(). Disappointing.

Gupta have nailed FetchNext () , FetchPrev() and FetchRow() from within a Stored Proc. within SQLBase, so think twice if you want to migrate. You have been warned.
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