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UNIFY 2000

Post by Joaquin » 09 Jan 2008, 15:05


I've searched the forum looking for info on UNIFY 2000 and I've found nothing. The case is that we have a customer using Unify 2000 on a Red Hat server and they want to migrate some data to a Windows system based database. I would like to know how to do this for our customer. Can we connect to Unify 2000 from a Windows based computer using ODBC on the Unify 2000 server? Should we use a SQL client on the linux server to access the Unify 2000 and then export from there?

We would be happy having some data of the Unify 2000 database on an Access database or just a text file.

Thanks in advance for your aid.


Re: UNIFY 2000

Post by herve » 10 Jan 2008, 17:57


On the Unix computer you can use the dumpdd command to get the DataBase schema and export the data into ascii files.
Transfer files on your Pc, modify the schema to your Dtabase and create tables. After, read the ascii file and import them into your Database.
Of course, these steps need some manuel manipulations to adapt from DS to your target database.



Re: UNIFY 2000

Post by caa » 12 Jan 2008, 00:19

Unify 2000 is an older product name for DataServer.

To answer your question, depending on the version level of Unify 2000, you may or may not have ODBC available for it. There are certainly upgrades to Unify 2000 that do support ODBC, so you can connect to your database from a windows machine and directly query it using ODBC.

If you don't want to use ODBC, then Herve's answer is correct.

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