OUTER JOIN in SQL Server 2012

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OUTER JOIN in SQL Server 2012

Post by MSchmidt » 10 Jul 2012, 22:48

this is only a tip for all developpers who have written apps for MS SQL Server

based on early CENTURA SQL BASE many Apps used the method (+) to define an outer join in a SQL SELECT.

When MS SQL server came to the market many apps have to be changed and the (+) method for outer joins
was changed to =* or *=.

This runs with no problems for many years.
Later version of SQL Server (2005 und 2008) could be set in the compatibility mode 80.
In this mode the =* or *= method for outer joins was supported.

Now with SQL Server 2012 a set to compatibility mode 80 is not possible any more.
Now only the ANSI compatible method LEFT (Or Right) OUTER JOIN is possible for outer joins.

So if you use the old methods you have to change your SQL code inside TD to be compatible with MS SQL Server 2012.

Again: it is only a tip for those, who use non ansi outer joins in apps that are connected to MS SQL Server.


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