TD5.1 Oracle Native "Unicode Conversion Error"

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Thomas Eberle

TD5.1 Oracle Native "Unicode Conversion Error"

Post by Thomas Eberle » 09 Jan 2008, 19:34


Simple select of string-values (varchar2) ends in an "Unicode conversion error" since we apply the sp1 for TD 5.1.
There must be a problem with the character-set, since the problem only occurs when there is data with Umlaut (öäu) involved.
We use on both sides (client/server) the charset WE8MSWIN1252, so there shuldn't be a conversion at all, right?

Anyway, the same thing with oledb seems to work fine.
if i set the nls_lang on the client to GERMAN_SWITZERLAND.UTF8 the statements work also fine!!
But this is not the solution, because then all other tools (like SQLNavigator) try to convert all the data to unicode and this results likewise in fatal errors in this applications.

is there another workaround? when this will be fixed?


Windows 2003

Thanks for your reply

Jean-Marc Gemperle

Re: TD5.1 Oracle Native "Unicode Conversion Error"

Post by Jean-Marc Gemperle » 11 Jan 2008, 19:22

Hi Thomas,

I recall you asked in another thread if this is a bug, and yes it is. If you use UTF8 charset for your NLS_LANG you should not get the problem, anyway you confirmed it....This at the end is ONLY a workaround...because it is not mendatory to have your NLS_LANG set to UTF8...I got that confirmed to me, so all in all this is a bug, entered as SQLB-452. This happen not only with ORACLE, but also SQLSERVER (ODBC in general) , Informix for what I know. When you have non unicode database and client environment regardless the backend, there is no conversion that takes place....but I believe the SQLBASE API need to convert the ANSI data received to UNICODE and pass it to TD 5.1. When you configure your client to use UTF8 the data are received as Unicode in the SQLBASE API and the SQLBASE API are doing no conversion...thus bypassing the bug... This is the way I see it, I asked about it, so far I was not told differently.

Aslo I'm surprised you say, since TD 5.1SP1 this is new to me... If you have some repro case to give, I like to test further that issue, possibly login something specific against ORACLE....

The SP2 will target router issues along with some other important WINAPI issue (menu) from what I've heard...that is the only thing I can tell your for the moment


Thomas Eberle

Re: TD5.1 Oracle Native "Unicode Conversion Error"

Post by Thomas Eberle » 14 Jan 2008, 14:36

Hi Jean-Marc
Well, i cannot confirm that this bug is new in sp1, since i could not get as far in the first td5.1 release because of the bug "input message buffer overflow"...
I hope all this router-problems are soon solved. In effect im still concerned about the charset/country-problems, and that it will work to access data with umlaut as in nls German_switzerland. Could you keep an eye on that?

Thanks in advance

Jean-Marc Gemperle

Re: TD5.1 Oracle Native "Unicode Conversion Error"

Post by Jean-Marc Gemperle » 15 Jan 2008, 21:44


Yup will check your OLEDB issue tomorrow as I know now data was inserted from something else than TD and log the issue as required.


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