SqlDisconnect Don't Remove Oracle Session.

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SqlDisconnect Don't Remove Oracle Session.

Post by Sunil » 03 Mar 2008, 19:23


SqlDisconnect(hSql) is not removing Oracle session and closed after exit from application.
I saw using
select * from v$session;


Ana Paula Bonani

Re: SqlDisconnect Don't Remove Oracle Session.

Post by Ana Paula Bonani » 14 Mar 2008, 00:46


Sorry, I cannot reproduce.
I had ten Oracle sessions running before I connect from TD, and the same 10 after I disconnect.
I'm using Oracle10 Express.
Are you using SP1?
Please provide more details if you'd like me to investigate further or let me know in case I misunderstood your query.

If anyone on this Forum can reproduce this please provide the details

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Re: SqlDisconnect Don't Remove Oracle Session.

Post by Charlie » 18 Mar 2008, 18:09


I cannot reproduce the error either. Sunil, could you provide a simple sample app?

I'm testing with an app compiled with TD5.1 SP1, compiled and executed on a Virtual PC instance, connecting to an Oracle 8 database with an Oracle 9 client (and SQLRouter/Oracle).

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