MySql native connection

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MySql native connection

Post by reinaldo » 02 Jun 2008, 13:43

Hi all.

In my company, we are still waiting for the native router to MySql database to upgrade to TD5.1...
It was a promise before the release of that version, but nobody talks about that any more.
Is there any special reason?


Reinaldo Santos
Techframe, S.A.

Martin Teetz

Re: MySql native connection

Post by Martin Teetz » 03 Jun 2008, 07:03

Hi Reinaldo,

We never had a plan for a native MySQL router. MySQL connectivity was always possible through ODBC. If MySQL has an OLEDB provider you can use that as well to connect from Team Developer.

Best regards,
Martin Teetz
Director of Product Marketing and Management
Gupta Technologies

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