TD 5.1, TD 4.2: oracle connect - OCI_INVALID_HANDLE

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TD 5.1, TD 4.2: oracle connect - OCI_INVALID_HANDLE

Post by prieschr » 16 Mar 2009, 05:26

In the profile of an oracle user some special password settings can be used (e.g. failed login attempts, password lifetime, password grace time, ...).

Since Oracle 11 the default profile contains settings for the password lifetime and the password grace time.

It´s possible to catch specific error (e.g. account locked, password expired, etc) with TD. But it´s not possible to catch the "warning" which is produced by the "Password grace time" setting in the profile.

In this case an error 20002 OCI_INVALID_HANDLE occurs at sqlconnect. The same error occurs with sqltalk. This happens with TD 4.2 and TD 5.1 (SP5).

ORA-28002: the password will expire within 10 days
Verbunden mit:
Oracle Database 10g Release - Production

ignores the error 28002

Is there any way to catch this warning/error?

Thank you for your help.



Re: TD 5.1, TD 4.2: oracle connect - OCI_INVALID_HANDLE

Post by PeterFr » 16 Aug 2010, 11:28


today we have the same problem by a customer.
Only with sqlplus we can see the error message of password expiration.
Anybody knows a solution for this?

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