Problem with Decimal sign in ORACLE

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Problem with Decimal sign in ORACLE

Post by Thhi » 07 Jan 2010, 08:59


we have a problem with the following statement:

"select description, price,TO_CHAR(Price,'FM0D00') from materials where TO_CHAR(Price,'FM0D00') like '0,%';"

When we use SQLTalk or ORACLE SqlDeveloper or any other console we get the right result.

When we start this from inside TeamDeveloper 5.1 SP6 we get no result.

NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS is set with alter session to '.,' in the application equal to the consoles.

Is there any solution?


Jeff Luther

Re: Problem with Decimal sign in ORACLE

Post by Jeff Luther » 07 Jan 2010, 17:53

That string you show has a terminating semi-colon (";"). If that same query is what you use in TD, that semi-colon should be removed. If you are using it in TD, that's being sent as part of the statement and Oracle likely doesn't like it.

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