TD5.2 String corrupt after reading from Oracle OLEDB

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Thomas Eberle

TD5.2 String corrupt after reading from Oracle OLEDB

Post by Thomas Eberle » 12 Feb 2010, 15:54

TD 5.2 on WinXP
Oracle 11g - OLEDB-Provider

I read a varchar, long or clob into a string or longstring variable.
Then I try to concatenate this variable with another or a literal.
After that the variable still only contains the data what was read from the db.

var1, selected from db, contains 'AAAA'
var2, set to 'BBBB'
Set var1 = var1 || var2
var1 still contains only 'AAAA'

This problem occurs only with oledb, with native its fine.
but native is not a option for us.

Similar Bug was reported for SQLServer with OLEDB: ... 423#p11505

Was this bug fixed and works this fix also for Oracle?
Please verify!

See attached Sample-App for reproducing the bug.

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