64-bit oracle client and Team developer 3.1

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64-bit oracle client and Team developer 3.1

Post by knudsole » 04 Mar 2010, 16:37

We have encountered a problem running Centura applications and .net applications on the same mashine if we install the 32 bit client for oracle 11 then the Centura applications work but not the .net application and if we install the 64 bit client for oracle the Centura application doesn't work.
Is there a some way to get around this?
Our application doesn't work if we attempt to use ODBC to connect to Oracle.

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Re: 64-bit oracle client and Team developer 3.1

Post by markus.essmayr » 05 Mar 2010, 08:58


32 and 64 bit ist somtimes a bit tricky.
If you want your .NET application to be executed as 64 bit process, and (for sure) want your TD application to work, you'll have to install both, the 32 and 64 bit version of the Oracle client side-by-side.
If you don't mind tha your .NET application will run as 32 bit process, you should set the according option in the .NET applications build settings (Project Properties -> Build -> Platform target -> x86). Then you only need to install the 32 bit Oracle client.

Hope this helps!
Markus Eßmayr


Re: 64-bit oracle client and Team developer 3.1

Post by jmcnamara » 05 Mar 2010, 15:05

Straight from the horse's mouth at Oracle. The 64 bit client will not work with a 32 bit app. From experience, the 32 bit client is fine on a 64 bit machine.

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Re: 64-bit oracle client and Team developer 3.1

Post by Charlie » 08 Mar 2010, 13:28

It might be worth taking a look at application virtualization.

Application virtualization would allow you to run, without any problems, conflicting applications on the same computer; and that's without mentioning all the other huge benefits.

In our case, we have our TD2.1 runtime and Oracle 7.3 client virtualized with Novell's product. Works A-1.

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