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Connection to SqlServer

Post by klaushaidinger » 06 May 2010, 12:01


depending on the network-infrastructure of our customers (basically LAN), we are somtimes
faced with low quality connections (bad wlan, mobile broadband, ...). if we connect to
the database (sql server 2005 express) and the connection breaks down for 5, 10 or more seconds,
the handle seems to be invalid.

how can this be prevented - without reconnecting the handle?

thank you!

Jeff Luther

Re: Connection to SqlServer

Post by Jeff Luther » 06 May 2010, 23:42

how can this be prevented - without reconnecting the handle?
That's really 2 questions:
how can [the connection breaks down] be prevented?
That, I don't know. Maybe the MS site for more info? SysAdmin for their network?
without reconnecting the handle?
I don't think you can without a reconnect. If the Sql Handle connection becomes invalid (because the connection got dropped) then the Sql Handle needs to be reconnected and presumably any outstanding transaction is rolled back/committed?, depending on how MS Ex. works.

Maybe someone else has something more encouraging, Klaus.


Re: Connection to SqlServer

Post by jmcnamara » 07 May 2010, 13:39

Some code samples to reconnect after network breakage have been posted in other threads. The solution is tricking and not alwasy reliable.

IMHO, If you qoute your client(s) a high enough price, maybe they will do the right thing and fix their networks.

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