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Sybase Password Encryption

Post by ckting » 24 Sep 2010, 17:36

How can we turn on the password encryption in SQLRouter for Sybase? We had a requirement to turn on enforce mode on Sybase server password encryption. However we need to find out a way to turn the same function on the SQLRouter for Sybase. We are currently using Sqlsyb32.dll (version

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Jeff Luther

Re: Sybase Password Encryption

Post by Jeff Luther » 25 Sep 2010, 01:00

In general, if Sybase provides a DLL that has a function to encrypt a password, then you could declare that DLL and function in your TD appl, encrypt the pw and make sure Sybase knows it's encrypted and decrypts the pw on the DB end.

I think that should work. For example, normally you assign the pw like:
Set SqlPassword = 'foobar'

but TD and the router should care if you do this instead:
Set sEncryptedPW = <SomeMagicFunction>( 'foobar', <someKey?> )
! maybe sEncryptedPW is now assigned '!@#FR%^HYU*(IKJ'
! now assign that to the TD system var.
Set SqlPassword = sEncryptedPW

That should get passed to Sybase, it 'knows' that that is not the plaintext pw, it's encrypted (maybe a Sybase INI setting?) and decrypts it before trying to establish a connection using that decrypted pw.

That's what I would pursue, so your next step would be to investigate what Sybase provides for encryption on the client-side for an appl. like your TD appl. and how you set up your DB so it know that the incoming pw values re encrypted and, given a correct key value, can be decrypted.

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