TD5.2 and Oracle compatibility

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TD5.2 and Oracle compatibility

Post by nbbt » 13 Oct 2010, 11:17


I'm working on a migration from Centura 1.1.2 to Team Developer 5.2.

I'm not doin' the dev myself, but i'm looking to conceptualise the solution. One of my main concern is the Database Connexion :
On Production, Stations will run Oracle Clients connecting to Oracle 9.2 servers.

TD does not officialy support Oracle anymore. It Seems that that 9.2 is not even supported since 5.2.
(my sources : ... atrix.aspx + Tracker that confirmed this)
  • I was wondering if some of you guys have any experience in running TD5.2 applications on Oracle ? Does it work ? Partially, totaly, not at all ? what are the limitations if any ? the known issues ?
  • same question for 9.2 ? (I may be able to switch the production to 9.2 Oracle clients but it would be "the last resort")
  • I'm no expert in SGBD, but I was looking for an alternative solution. would it be viable to connect using OLE DB ?
    I thought it would work like that : TD5.2 Application -> OLE DB -> Oracle OLE Provider -> Oracle Client -> Oracle DB Server.
    Is this Correct ? May it work ? Pros & Cons ? Limitations ?
  • Any other Ideas ?
Thank you for your help, i'm struggling with "versions" and "compatibily" on a pretty large scale right now :)
(My english may be chaotic, sorry about that)

Jeff Luther

Re: TD5.2 and Oracle compatibility

Post by Jeff Luther » 13 Oct 2010, 22:23

Your English reads just fine, don't worry!

I suggest you go back through the 5.2, 5.1 and Older Releases sections and search for back version compatibility. I've seen a number of threads on this general issue, and though I'm not sure about v8, I'll bet you find something about v9 supported because other users have that version and it works.

Of course, also be sure to test this yourself!


Re: TD5.2 and Oracle compatibility

Post by nbbt » 14 Oct 2010, 10:59

Thanks for your reply.

I've been already looking existing thread in the 5.2 forum, but i spent a little more time this time and found some clues.

As it can help others folks, you'll find below some threads i digged out.

Here is a thread about a 5.1 with client Oracle 8.0.5 and using OLEDB ... it=+Oracle

Here is a thread about a 5.1 with Oracle 8.1.7 working on XP, with issue on Vista ... it=+Oracle

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Re: TD5.2 and Oracle compatibility

Post by lairton » 21 Oct 2010, 18:23

Hello nbtt,

We are moving from CTD1.5.1 to TD5.2. We problem found so far:

- If the NLS_LANG setting for Oracle is to AMERICAN_AMERICA, works fine. But if this parameter is set to BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE_BRAZIL, all SELECT statements with decimal gives error. We could not find solution for this yet. If you do not have brazilian customers, this issue does not disturb you.

- All PACKAGES calls that passing parameter as number array or date array gives an error in TD5.2 SP2. In SP1 works fine.

- We could not read the entire contents we had stored in columns of type LONG from Oracle. We had files, proposals, spreadsheets, PDF .... nothing can be accessed with the TD5.2. Change the data type to BLOB is not a simple solution to an application with 15 years of age. We have hundreds of thousands of files recorded so widespread in our customers. This is a problem that we have not found solution until now.

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