Oracle problems

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Oracle problems

Post by MSpecht » 21 Feb 2011, 10:11


I have update from TD 4.2 To TD 6 SP 1 but have some problems with a Oracle Database (vers. 10).

1) I'm not able to connect with the TD 6 SqlTalk.exe to the Oracle Database "ORAHOT". The Error code is: "Error: 00401 DBA COD Cannot open database“
With the 11.5 SqlBase under the Team Developer 4.2 was this no problem with the same settings. Which setting I need for a successful connect with the TD 6 SqlTalk.exe to the Oracle Database? See Talk Connect.zipfor the Sql.ini.

2) I have problems to fetch some characters from the Oracle Database into the Application. The Characters are the ‚Œ’ (140) and the ‚ˆ’ (136). Is this a general problem? Which setting I need to prevent this? A test Application is in Oracle

Can anyone help me?

My System
Team Developer 6.0 SP 1
Windows XP SP 3
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Jeff Luther

Re: Oracle problems

Post by Jeff Luther » 22 Feb 2011, 20:19

1) Have you looked at the TD v6 compatibility matrix: ... atrix.aspx
to find what versions of the Oracle client are supported. Note TD v4.2 supported v9 for the client. TD v6 requires 10g or 11g, 32-bit.

2) That's looks like a Unicode issue. If you are new to Unicode, take a look at this section on my web page:
Is this a general problem?
Understanding and coding for Unicode has been a major issue for TD developers since it was introduced in v5.1 several years ago. Unicode = 2-byte characters, so like in the other forum thread with the UTF8 issue, you cannot just use "10" any longer and assume that means 10 characters. (In v4.2 and earlier 10 chars = 10 bytes.) Now with v5.x and v6 10 chars = 20 bytes. Or, more likely an issue 10 bytes only = 5 chars.

I suggest you look through the v5.2 forum section here for ideas and info. on Unicode issues.

For instance, your test is incomplete because it does not show a CREATE TABLE statement which would tell me the data type of your KENNUNG column. That looks like a good test case but does need be complete and self-contained, including a CREATE statement. Your Oracle DB column for v6 may need to be NCHAR. That's the correct NLS multibyte column type for Oracle:


Re: Oracle problems

Post by MSpecht » 20 May 2011, 15:16

I have now the correct Client and make some Tests with various databases.

But after that I have some more Questions:

Question 1: Is it correct that the input every time get converts to NLS_CHARACTERSET of the database, also when I want to Insert into an NVARCHAR2 Column?
In this Case I think there must be used the NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET to convert the character, but my test shows another result.

Question 2: Here ... cle#p17121 I found the same problem that I had.
The result of the Thread was to use NLS_CHARACTERSET=AL32UTF8 AND NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET=AL16UTF16 this works fine in his Case.
My Question is which NLS_CHARACTERSET and NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET I should use, I mean has Unify any Standard that Should be used to work with the TD 6.0? UTF 8 or UTF 16...

Jeff Luther

Re: Oracle problems

Post by Jeff Luther » 24 May 2011, 21:21

Let me ask internally about your 2 questions. I'll let you know what I find out.

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