[TD40] Using SQL Server Native Client 10.0

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[TD40] Using SQL Server Native Client 10.0

Post by niels » 22 Mar 2011, 12:32


has anyone used ODBC with SQL Server Native Client 10.0? I can create a connection but whenever I use a datetime bind variable, I get SQL error 20026.

"[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0]Ungültiger Zeichenwert für Konvertierungsangabe"
=> "Invalid character value for cast specification"

Why casting at all? I don't see a cast in my code. Is this normal behavior for ODBC connections with TD40? Is there some kind of property I have to set, or does TD40 simply not work with SQL Server Native Client? The SQL Server 2000 ODBC driver does work but seems a bit slow.


Jeff Luther

Re: [TD40] Using SQL Server Native Client 10.0

Post by Jeff Luther » 23 Mar 2011, 01:06

Sounds like a slightly misleading error, when the real issue is that TD v5 (aka 2005) is not compatible with the v10 Client. Here's the TD compat. matrix:
http://www.guptatechnologies.com/Produc ... atrix.aspx

showing what you write about SQL Server 2000 ODBC driver:
Team Developer 2005 for Windows
Database Connectivity Compatibility Matrices

SQLRouter ODBC Microsoft SQL Server ODBC driver version 2000.81.7713.00

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