TD3.1 works in Oracle 11G

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TD3.1 works in Oracle 11G

Post by Prabhu » 19 May 2011, 12:00

The 3 functions (obndra, obndrn, obndrv) which were there in the original OCI.dll provided by Oracle for Oracle 8i database are no longer there in the newer version of OCI.dll provided by the Oracle for Oracle 11g. These 3 functions (obndra, obndrn, obndrv) have been replaced by functions are OCIBindByName, OCIBindByPos OCI.dll for Oracle 11g.

As we are planning to use TD 3.1 with Oracle 11g, we want to know which TD 3.1 command calls the obndra, obndrn and obndrv functions in OCI.dll
This will help us to understand whether there will be any impact on our application.

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